OUR MISSION: To find the perfect harmony of ingredients to create unique and vivid pancake and baking mixes that serve as a catalyst to transform and elevate breakfast, brunch and desserts in the home and restaurant kitchens.

STA_1979Founded in 2009 by  Gigi Pascual, Buttermilk Inc first started as gourmet food truck- proudly serving their famous Breakfast dishes to the streets of Los Angeles. From 2009-2013, they have been fortunate to share their love of decadent Breakfast dishes with Los Angeles residents and visitors.

Buttermilk is now making its way into your homes. In 2013, Buttermilk expanded their brand into products, debuting a Red Velvet Pancake Mix based on their most popular menu item on the truck. Shortly after Buttermilk Inc halted truck runs to focus on their product line, creating a brand that their truck fans will be able to share with their family, friends, children, and grandchildren for years to come. Imagine having their Red Velvet Pancakes, Brioche Donuts, and Rosemary Garlic Hash at your fingertips. This is the best way Buttermilk Inc can thank all of their fans for all that they have given them over the past four years. We give them Buttermilk.

The Food truck is and always will be part of our story, a huge part of how we started and who we are today. Follow us and our journey as we expand our product line and make our way into homes and hearts across the US.