Red Velvet Pancake and Baking Mix


This original recipe is considered a “Breakfast classic with a unique twist” – Martha Stewart Everyday Food Mag or “Little bites of heaven” – Cooking Channel.  Fluffy, rich, and full of velvety flavor, see why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A versatile product, this mix can also be used to make brownies, cupcakes, and waffles! Available Wholesale in 1.5 lb bags for retail or 25 lb bags for food service.

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Ube (Purple Yam) Pancake and Baking Mix


This flavor pays tribute to the roots of the Philippines. This delicious, gorgeously purple pancake has made it ways into the hearts and taste buds of our fans. For the perfect balance of flavor, we used natural coconut to enhance the Ube flavor. A versatile product which can be used to flavor all your baking needs. Available Wholesale in 1.5 lb cans (6/case) or 25 lb bags.

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Butter Croissant Pancake and Baking Mix


   image-8  Buttermilk Inc is known for their unique and vivid flavors so this is our play on the classic Buttermilk Pancake.   You will enjoy the same tender fluffiness you expect from a Buttermilk Pancake but we have broke the mold with the unique flavor profile you have come to expect from us. Enjoy the buttery, delicious flavor of Croissants in your Breakfast Pancake… Your welcome!. As with all our mixes enjoy them as pancakes, waffles, cookies, cupcakes etc. Launching Fall 2016. Available Wholesale in 1.5lb bags for retail(6/case)

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